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sábado, dezembro 13, 2008

I'm An Old Brand-New Earth Intruder

"I Have Guide My Bones

Through Some Voltage

And Love Them Still

And Love
Them Too!




I Am An Earth Intruder

I Am A Sharp Shooter, I'll March!

Towards The Shower Of Goodness...

Lets End With The "Damn Colomnists! (...)


Don't Let Them Do That To You (...)

Justice! (...) Make Your Own...STAND!"

Protect Your Essence...

Find Your LOVE!

I'm Gonna Try And Find My Own Now...

I'm Gonna Raise My Flag, I'm Gonna DECLARE INDEPENDENCE!

I'm Gonna Tear Off My Blindfold...I'm Gonna Open My Eyes!

I'm Gonna See The Colours...

I'm Gonna Listen To The Melodies...

I'm Gonna FEEL! FEEL! With My Senses In It's Pure Shape...

I'm Gonna Write My Story...

I've Got Build My Path... With My Own Bare Hands...

With you.

Our Embrace, Our fortress...

Our "Skeleton Of Trust"...

"Bone By Bone

Stone By Stone..."

"Who Is It?

Who Is It That Never Lets You Down?

Who Is It That Gave You Back Your Crown?

And The Ornaments Are Going Around

Now, They're Handing It Over..."

I'll Never Let Myself Down...

My Ornaments. My Crown. Me.

"I'll Wake Up Tomorrow...

Brand New. Brand New!"

"I'm No Fucking Buddhist, But This Is Enlightenment...!"

(O meu sentimento... as palavras de «outrém»)


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